Types of Facebook Ads

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Types of Facebook Ads

 Like Ads – Instead of encouraging a user to move away from Facebook, these ads

directly influence the user to like the business page.

 Photo Based / Engagement Ads – Facebook posts that use images receive more

engagement in the form of likes, shares and comments. Engagement positively

influences organic, spreading the message to consumers who are not already fans.

 Giveaways / Contests – Will create the most engagement and these type of posts

tend to spread more virally as well.

 Video Ads – Facebook posts that use video are being reported to get more organic

and paid engagement for the advertising dollar.

 Link Page Ads – Link page posts use a call to action such as a discount offer to drive

Facebook users to the website or offer landing page.

All ads can be targeted – Facebook allows you, even on a local level, to target a specific

demographic or psychographic in the market (i.e. age, income level, employees at a

company, craft beer drinkers, organic food lovers, wine lovers, mom’s of grade school kids,

etc. – in approximately to the client’s local area)