Tips for Writing A Good Facebook Ad

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Tip 1: Have a Good Headline (Why should the user bother with this page)

  • The main benefit of the page to the end user
  • Be visitor centric (Not about the product, be user friendly)
  • Top and centered
  • Always include One of Three important benefits (Cheaper and Faster and Better)
  • 5-12 keywords in headline
  • 1 to 2 numbers in headline
  • Capitalize words that matter


Tip 2: A/B test(compare things side by side or split testing)  things, but don’t let it fool you

  • A/B testing as a tool. You do not have to test everything
  • The main problem with the test is not enough data
  • Too many variables
  • Worst than not having information is having wrong information
  • Test things at least twice to build consistency


Tip 3: Don’t force visitors to make tips

  • Avoid forks in the road on your  design
  • Avoid 2 column layouts
  • Most people bounce not because they don’t like your product it’s because of procrastination


Tip 4: Always give a bonus tip

  • Put it right above the CTA