Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the relationship between business and the internet.

Our Story

Though Markitu was officially founded in 2016, the company's owner Devin Morris has been involved with website SEO and internet marketing since 2009. Since then Morris has successful created, managed, and boosted 4 different social forums to the 1st page of google. Morris then went on to become the youngest sales manager in the telecommunications company Sprint by Wireless Lifestyle and grew the revenue of several of their stores through sales, social media marketing, and customer retention.
To partner with Devin's skills is Hasan Jadallah who sports an array of marketing experience. The Jadallah family owns a variety of IHOP restaurants throughout the midwest where he learned how to promote and manage restaurants at the age of 17. Jadallah after successfully turning around multiple IHOP locations in profit moved on to personal fitness and entrepreneurship where he has been mentored by Kansas City famous personal trainer and entrepreneur Kri Chay. With this skill set Hasan set off to promote gyms and personal trainers in the kansas city area often times growing their customer base on average of 80% to 300% using social media marketing. In addition Jadallah started a cleaning business in the kansas city area as a side project for this studies in college. Feel free to check out our work.