The Three Elements of Business Success

Money & Investments

We understand you may not have a few million in the bank. Don’t worry. We can show you how to invest money or create residual income the right way for beginners and intermediate investors.

How to Start & Manage Your Business

As a business owner you’re going to work very hard. You will not be successful without hard work. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. We’ll help you get your business started. Turn passions into profits. You’ll find up to date and ever growing information that helps you monetize a hobby or build a corporation.

Inspiration & Motivation

Stay motivated and inspired! Even after you manage your money right and have the right systems in place life will still throw wrenches at your operation. Accidents and unforeseen person problems could affect your business as well. We have plenty of outlets from real business owners to help you Keep your eye on the goal.

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The lives we’ve affected & the businesses we’ve changed

Hey thanks for the great advice on how to get my music heard. You really walked me through each step. I’m really looking forward to working together.
-Carson Pendelton
Hasan came to our office and spent a good hour going over marketing with our business. He is very knowledgeable in this field, and a nice gentleman to boot. You can’t go wrong with this company!
Emily Etheridge
Great price and service! I first received excellent marketing and internet-presance advice! I feel treated as a human, and not just as another dollar, thank you!
Veve Vino
Why Choose Us?
Markit_U offers years of business sales and management expertise in many fields such as retail, clothing & apparel, e-commerce, electronics, contractors, real estate, and personal training.
We’ll help you avoid the mistakes most people fall into, and reap the rewards through hard work and proper guidance.
Our process:
  • Build Your Knowledge
  • Develop Goals & Planning
  • Execution & Mindset
  • Repeat

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